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A Touch of Heart

As part of Slate Takes’ CSR, we directed this documentary about “Free Yum Cha“, a social enterprise that connects under-resourced charitable organizations with members of the public, who get to know each other over dim sum, and build long-lasting friendships through community service.

Producer: For Good, an organization that unites artists, and also our new partner, NGOs and supporters together to build awareness, support and love within the Hong Kong community. It received support from the Jockey Club Make a Difference School Accumulator Scheme in partnership with UnLtd Hong Kong.
Director: Cassandra Chan of Slate Takes Limited
Cast: Carmen Lee, Alan To
Crew: Yvonne Young, Shawn Tse

Completion date: January 2015
Duration: 7 minutes
Screenings: For Good: Film Project 2015

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The Vagabond Project

“The Vagabond Project” is a travel web series that recommends the hidden gems of Hong Kong and Beijing to young influencers. Completed in April 2012, the show garnered a Webby Award in the Travel & Adventure category in 2013.

Follow “Project Runway” model winner, Millana Snow, as she uncovers Gen-Y subcultures in adventure, art, music and nightlife to food, fashion, sustainability and architecture. Catch the highlights in the trailer and some of the webisodes below!











May 2013 – The team reunited, but this time in New York City, to celebrate our WEBBY AWARD win!

For more webisodes of “The Vagabond Project”, visit

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The Vagabond Project (Producers’ Message)

Slate Takes took great pleasure working with the producers behind “The Vagabond Project“, a travel web series that recommends to young influencers the “hidden gems” of Hong Kong and Beijing. It covers everything but the kitchen sink: from adventure, art, music and nightlife to food, fashion, sustainability and architecture. The show explores the sub-culture of both cities with host, Millana Snow. But first, check out what the producers have to say about the show here. Stay tuned for the webisodes to come! (Completed: October 2011)

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East Asian Games

Interview with Hong Kong windsurfer, Vicky Chan Wai-kei, before she won gold at the East Asian Games 2009. (Completed: November 2009)

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Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Tagspotting is a documentary that examines Hong Kong’s vibrant street art scene. ST/ART (or Street Art) is a collective of artists who seek to legitimize and spread their art throughout Hong Kong. Whether they’re dodging police or ‘bombing’ the streets at 4am, they seek to break the mould of mainstream art and make themselves exist in an ever growing concrete jungle. (Completed: August 2006)

Created by: Cassandra Chan, Emma-Jade Li, Edwin Lee, Manami Szymko, Marcus Tsui

Screenings: 12th Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards; I Shot Hong Kong 2007; Macau International Film and Video Festival 2007; Prague Fringe Festival 2007

Special Edition for International Documentary Challenge

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Spring Blossom 2007: Over the Horizon (Abridged)

Spring Blossom 2007 is a documentary about 20 high school students from Hong Kong who went on a charity expedition to the rural reaches of Heilongjiang, China. There, they not only taught underprivileged children English, health and arts & crafts, but they also formed long-lasting friendships. (Completed: January 2008)

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Outing Hong Kong

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Outing Hong Kong is a short documentary that provides an intimate glimpse of the lives of gays and lesbians in Hong Kong. They reveal their experiences of coming out, their sexual relationships and address the issue of sexual orientation discrimination. (Completed: April 2007)

Created by: Cassandra Chan, Emma-Jade Li, Edwin Lee, Manami Szymko, Tom Jenden

Screenings: Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2007

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