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We provide a wide range of turn-key services, including story development, scripting, shooting, audio and video editing, motion graphics, as well as DVD production and publishing on social networks. From conception to completion, Slate Takes is your one stop shop for the following types of productions.
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Short and sweet. That’s how we like it. The challenge, though, is to convey a message effectively in a bat of an eye, while grabbing the audience’s attention.

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There’s nothing like producing a video guerilla style; it not only cuts down on costs, but it also cuts through any unnecessary red tape (within legal boundaries, of course). Best of all, what’s captured are raw reactions of “innocent bystanders”, who serve as an unknowing audience to the performance on the “urban stage”. Meant for viral spreading online, such guerilla-style videos then take on new life in a virtual environment, and can serve as a powerful marketing tool for the discerning digerati.

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Sometimes it’s simply a lot easier to paint a picture about a business entity with moving imagery than with words.

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Human interest stories, urban insights and controversial issues. Whatever needs to be said, Slate Takes will step up to the bullhorn, and spread the message loud and clear, no holds barred.

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It is no coincidence that one of Slate Takes’ founders has a background in journalism. So, it’s only fitting that Slate Takes also covers current affairs. This also means we’re more than capable of producing informational videos that get the message across in a clear and effective way, be it about a certain issue or subject of interest.

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Whether you missed out on an exciting event, or simply wish to relive it, our video coverage will take you back in time to seize the moment.

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The lines between the world of still images and that of moving images have long been converging. In fact, Slate Takes fully embraces this by using the Canon EOS 7D to shoot not only videos, but also stills, be it landscape, interiors or events.

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