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Sino Philes

“Sino Philes” is an experimental mockumentary that follows the lives of David Wong and Vivian Chen, who have just relocated from Vancouver, Canada to Hong Kong, China. In an attempt to reconnect with their roots, they become entangled in unique social conflicts that presently occur between Hong Kongers and Mainlanders. From issues revolving around cross-border tourism and anchor babies, to right of abode and the “Umbrella Movement”, they ultimately discover what it means to be “Chinese” and what the “Chinese dream” means to them.

Presenting the somewhat fictional characters in documentary style, and situating them in real-life not-so-distant-past events, this attempt to blur the lines between reality and fiction brings to question the seemingly bizarre confrontations between Hong Kongers and Mainlanders. By intentionally presenting both sides of the issues objectively, an understanding can hopefully be reached through an open dialogue that extends beyond the film, with the ultimate aim of celebrating the subcultural diversity of the Chinese diaspora the world over.

A co-production with Radio Netherlands Worldwide, the film is published on RNW’s YouTube channel and their Chinese site, Helan Online via Youku and Tudou. Slate Takes thought it fitting to partner with RNW on this production for the main reason that RNW promotes free speech through independent journalism and the use of new media. On this note, we would like to point out that Youku and Tudou removed (i.e. censored) webisode 4, “The Tourist”. However, you can view ALL webisodes below.

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All WEBISODES can also be found at SINO PHILES WEBSITE


Music: “Xiao Cao” by OnePercentYellow that speaks of solidarity among the Chinese people.


The film garnered an AWARD of MERIT at the ACCOLADE GLOBAL FILM COMPETITION in March 2016.

It also garnered a SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD at, and was officially selected for, the ASIA PACIFIC INT’L FILMMAKER FESTIVAL AWARDS in April 2016.

It was also officially selected for the HONG KONG ARTHOUSE FILM FESTIVAL in Spring 2016.
hk arthouse film festival

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Lost For Words

Director: Stanley Orzel
Cast: Sean Faris, Grace Huang, Will Yun Lee, Terence Yin, Joman Chiang
Status: Post-production (2012)
Synopsis: (From Amidst the sweeping cityscape of cosmopolitan Hong Kong, an ex-Marine falls in love with a ballerina from China. Against mounting cultural and religious pressure, the two star-crossed lovers risk it all in pursuit of true love.
Movie website:
Involvement: Slate Takes shot behind-the-scenes and edited the following Featurette for this Studio Strada production.

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The Vagabond Project

“The Vagabond Project” is a travel web series that recommends the hidden gems of Hong Kong and Beijing to young influencers. Completed in April 2012, the show garnered a Webby Award in the Travel & Adventure category in 2013.

Follow “Project Runway” model winner, Millana Snow, as she uncovers Gen-Y subcultures in adventure, art, music and nightlife to food, fashion, sustainability and architecture. Catch the highlights in the trailer and some of the webisodes below!











May 2013 – The team reunited, but this time in New York City, to celebrate our WEBBY AWARD win!

For more webisodes of “The Vagabond Project”, visit

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Red Bull Under My Wing with Daniel Dhers

Red Bull invited Slate Takes to cover four-time X Games BMX World Champion Daniel Dhers’s visit to Hong Kong, during which he hung out with local riders and shared some tips. (Completed: Nov 2011)

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Red Bull Formula Face Race Campus Challenge 2011

Slate Takes was invited to capture the various facial expressions of Hong Kong university students, as they played the Red Bull Formula Face Race on campus! Using face recognition technology, this new online game allows players to drive Red Bull’s virtual Formula race cars on challenging tracks. (Completed: Nov 2011)

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The Vagabond Project (Producers’ Message)

Slate Takes took great pleasure working with the producers behind “The Vagabond Project“, a travel web series that recommends to young influencers the “hidden gems” of Hong Kong and Beijing. It covers everything but the kitchen sink: from adventure, art, music and nightlife to food, fashion, sustainability and architecture. The show explores the sub-culture of both cities with host, Millana Snow. But first, check out what the producers have to say about the show here. Stay tuned for the webisodes to come! (Completed: October 2011)

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Red Bull King of The Rock Qualifiers Hong Kong 2011

Red Bull sent Slate Takes to cover the King of The Rock Qualifiers in Hong Kong — the only other city in Asia to hold this event. This basketball tournament saw many local players eliminate each other in one-on-one rounds. The last man standing in Hong Kong was sent to “The Rock” — the former prison on Alcatraz Island, just off of San Francisco, California — to compete for the crown with other participants from around the world. (Completed: Sep 2011)

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Red Bull F1 Dragon (Showcar) Run 2011

Red Bull sent Slate Takes to catch Jaime Alguersuari (while he was racing in Shanghai) say a few words about his upcoming visit to Hong Kong in this teaser for the Dragon (Showcar) Run on June 18, 2011.

To promote the event, Red Bull drove a mobile showroom around town, in which passers-by were given the opportunity to test out the F1 track for themselves on the simulators: (Spot our video playing on the flat screen TV?)

Photos posted by Sideways (Driving Club) on the Red Bull Dragon Run Event Page.

Red Bull also took their F1 showcar on a surprise run through the city of Hong Kong on June 16, 2011, and Slate Takes caught them in the action! Everyone’s spirit remained high during the entire photo shoot, despite the pouring rain…

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Cosmopolitan Cover April 2011

Slate Takes was tasked to go behind-the-scenes of Cosmopolitan’s cover shoot with Taiwanese actress, 楊槿華, for the April 2011 issue.

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Red Bull Music Academy On The Floor Hong Kong 2011

To promote the Red Bull Music Academy 2011 in Tokyo, Japan, Red Bull sent Slate Takes to cover Hong Kong’s “On The Floor” session, with DJ Zed Bias and producer Kelvin Avon. (Completed: March 2011)

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